CNC Machinery

Following the principle of staying ahead of the competition, we keep abreast of the latest developments, research our options and procure only the best equipment. It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to investing in and developing our business for the benefit of you, the valued customer.

Our CNC technology, enables us to be even more precise when it comes to Laser Cutting (Flatbed, Tube, Box Section) Profiling and Press Braking. The advanced CNC control systems are electronically programmed for each specific job ensuring efficient operating with minimal wastage, guaranteed accuracy and the most competitive pricing.

All our services are supported by a skilled and dedicated technical department working with advanced CAD/CAM systems. We are therefore able to provide expert assistance with every aspect of product/component design, development, evaluation, bench or field testing and manufacture.

Laser Cutting

Mild Steel up to 20mm – Stainless Steel up to 15mm – Aluminium up to 10mm

Laser profiling is ideal for large or small batches and for regular or one-off contracts.

• Cuts sheet metal, tubes and profiles efficiently and with consistently high quality.

• Cuts sheet materials up to 3,000mm long, 1,500mm wide and 20mm thick.

• Cuts profiles and tubes up to a max diameter of 315mm.

• Problem-free production of thin bases and ribs.

• Laser engraving of sheet metal parts.

• Highly accurate method of profiling materials including mild and stainless steel, brass and aluminium, titanium and nickel alloys.

• Profiles components rapidly, cleanly and at low temperatures to minimise heat distortion and finishing requirements.

• Consistent intricate and accurate shapes.

• Clean/oxide free edges.

• No hole run-in as with punching.

• Finished Product – no additional machining needed.

• Minimal wastage.

Bending and Folding

• Fully C.N.C. Controlled.

• 7 Axis press brake.

• 200 tonne Pressing Capacity.

• 4 metre folding capability.

• Very high precision.

• Correct bending angle with high reliability.

• Best possible bending in any material.